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Gynetics - Seminor Flexible/rigid

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A) The Seminor Rigid is a semi-rigid cannula for intrauterine and cervical insemination.
B) The Seminor Flexible is a cannula for intrauterine and cervical insemination.


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  • The Seminor Rigid (A) can be shaped according to the degree of uterine flexion
  • The Seminor Flexible (B) enables easy insertion with minimal patient discomfort
  • The conical proximal end closes the cervix adequately for maximum sperm transfer
  • As result of a direct connection between Seminor and syringe, the loss of spermatozoa during the transfer is minimalized

Gyno Info Seminor Flexible/rigid


48 mm (± 0.5 mm)

Total Volume:

min. 0.098 ml

Sterile: sterilized by gamma irradiation

125/shipping box

Quality control: MEA and LAL
Order number: A) #4502 A 
B) #4502 B