Rocket Intrauterine Sound – IVFSynergy
Rocket Intrauterine Sound - IVFSynergy

Rocket Intrauterine Sound

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Rocket Uterine Sounds - Infertility Diagnostics

  • WELL TOLERATED: Only 3.5mm OD distal bead and 2.5mm distal shaft for easier, low trauma insertion.
  • MALEABLE DISTAL SHAFT: allows for increased angulation for easier insertion into the retroverted or antiverted uterus.
  • GRADUATED: 1cm depth markers commence 40mm from the distal tip. Proximal marker ring postioned
  • 90mm from distal tip.
  • NEW HANDLE DESIGN: increases grip and tip control whilst reducing bulk to improve visualisation of the cervix.
  • STERILE: Supplied sterile, individually wrapped for single patient in cartons 100 units.

Carton: 100 units, sterile for single use