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Gynetics - Gynosampler

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The Gynosampler is the American name for the probet which is sold in the USA and Canada. The Gynosampler is an endometrial suction curette for a histologic lining biopsy.



  • Double headed piston secures a steady vacuum
  • Tissue collection through side hole
  • Smooth rounded distal tip and small size for minimal patient discomfort
  • Depth markings for ease in locating depth of insertion in the uterus.

Gyno Info Gynosampler


262 mm (± 3 mm)

Tube OD:

2.93 mm (± 0.03 mm)

Sterile: ETO sterilized

500/shipping box (Canada only)
250/shipping box (US only)

Order number: #9164-CAN (Canada only) 
#9164 (US only)